Husband. Father of nutballs. Dallas Theological Seminary graduate (ThM, 2015).

What started as a mid-college interest led to worldbuilding, which led to inter-semester writing binges, which led to my first writing class (in my final semester of seminary), which led to direction. So, every day, I write, and I learn to write better. I write mostly fiction, but I also think by typing, and I dabble.

I put most of this time into my first novel. I’m exploring the question, “What other places and beings might God have created, if he wanted to?” Tolkien and Lewis, along with my training at Dallas Theological Seminary, got me started in this direction. I’m also exploring fatherhood and sonhood—the premier concern in my own life—as experienced by a human father and the son of a fallen god (more or less).

I also write short pieces a few times a week. Most of them are squatting in a cave somewhere on my computer. The rest I send to publishers or friends.

Most of my blog posts are Learning By Keyboard documents. I write as I think, and I post them with as little editing as possible. Most of them deal either with my faith or with writing. But I just follow whatever I’m most curious about, and I typically only write when I want to figure something out.

For a better understanding of my goals, see 12/5/2016: What’s An Artist? and 12/8/2016: To Teach Or To Learn.

You can read my most recent published piece, “Of Sin,” at Fathom Magazine.
You can follow me @patrickdpace.


Photo by Cesar Diaz del Valle. You can find some of his work: @CesarDDV or moment2focus.com.


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