A Name And Only A Name

My name—

Do you spy green sprigs on a hill,

Hiding an underworld beneath?

A barrow of whispers?

Lines of letters, milling

On nametags, on poems, on pedigrees,

Like diplomat zombies?

Then I, the wildfire’s pinpoint spark,

I dim, and I drift among the leaves

As ash in an evening breeze.

A Beornic hermit, I subsist,

Pinewoods-bound, naked

But for fur, growls, claws, fangs, the stink of bear and blood.

“Beloved Father and Husband”;

Entombed in pine, under granite and grass, I break down—

Fabric tongue unraveling,

Losing all but my name.

Judging from my classmates’ reactions, I have over-subtle-ized this and obfuscated my meaning. I didn’t intend that at all. I changed the title to contextualize it a bit better, but you’ll have to let me know if it works. I might just need to add a bunch more stanzas to flesh things out.

2 thoughts on “A Name And Only A Name

  1. I do love how you use words to paint but you’re writings sometimes require deeper thought than I’m able to give.

    That’s why I can’t often read CS Lewis. He is deeper in his writings which is probably part of what made him great (and probably why you’ve always liked him since you’re able to go that deep in your thinking.)

    So, you’ll be great, like CS Lewis or Walt Whitman. J

    (I don’t even know what obfuscated means but assume it comes from the same root word as obscure)

    You’re very smart, Patrick. I’m very proud of you.


    1. Thanks very much.

      To be fair, this one is almost impossible to get by itself. No one in my class was even close, and most of them are trained exegetes.


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